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Facebook has assumed the role of an opinion leader in today’s highly tricky cyber world. It’s a general conception that he, who is serious about his face book presence, is really serious about his online endeavors. In such circumstances, having a ‘face’ of your business on facebook is as much important as having your company registered in the city chamber. Zambasoft not only helps you in having a ‘face’ or the fan page on facebook but also, tries its best to make it ‘represent really and only you’!

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Facebook fan page design by Zambasoft:

Creating facebook fan page does not involve any rocket science. But, owning it in all means is really not a child’s play. Zambasoft experts customize facebook fan pages to such a great extent that they seem to be an integral part of your website. Our designers strive hard to make your custom facebook pages a mirror image of your website’s home page or the landing pages. This approach is highly essential to make your visitors ‘feel at home’ with your customized facebook fan page. This experience creates indelible imprints of your major website design and services details in the visitor’s mind.

We help you achieve this long lasting footing in your visitor’s brain with following services:

Modified  web logo:

We modify your website’s logo to fit into the custom facebook fan page properly. There might be some necessary additions and subtractions. A portrait banner containing logo and delineating major services, placed on the top left corner of the facebook fan page, is the best option in this regard.

Modified web header:

Beside the ‘logo banner’, there is mainly a ‘header banner’. This banner contains major images, details and slogans of the main header banner in the main website. No need to mention that it has to be in landscape format. These two things on custom facebook page instantly revive the memories of main web in the visitor’s mind.

Major details of the of the website’s home page:

After the ‘header banner’ there is a summary of the content on the homepage and major and most important services and design details.

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Just go through the following customized facebook fan pages for instance.

Are you looking to have a creative and unique ‘face’ on facebook? Are you not getting much out of the facebook fan page? Do you think creating customized facebook fan page can boost your online business success? Get a quote now from Zambasoft!