Template Design Gallery

Safa Technology

We created this website for Safa Technology and it has following features:

  • DIV based CSS/HTML
  • Contact Us Form


This is UK based online pharmacy and it includes following modules:

  • Products Management
  • Normal, NHS & Private Orders Management
  • Paypal/CardSave Payment Gateway Integration
  • Banners Management
  • News Management

Al Haseeb

This website is created in PHP and it has following modules:

  • Banners Module
  • Contact us online form
  • Portfolio/Products


We created this website in wordpress with custom theme and other enhancements.

  • Wordpress
  • html parcing module to read tickets data
  • Gallery
  • Contact us online form


This is online doctors service. It include following modules:

  • News Module
  • Banner Module
  • Contact Us online form


This CMS based website, where different can register and it has user and admin area.

  • CMS based Pages
  • Registration Module
  • Banners Management Module
  • Videos Management Module
  • News Management Module
  • Terms of Use Management Module